HIAB cranes make your truck much more than just a truck so that you can take on value-added jobs. By letting you load and unload without additional equipment, they can speed up and improve your business. But they can also be a business of their own, performing a wide range of lifting, maneuvering, and manipulating tasks.

Our near new fleet of hiab trucks, flatbed trucks, and one-tonne utes are fully compliant and well maintained. You can be assured your load is in safe hands with our professional and friendly drivers.

Services include one-off, full-day, and ongoing contract transport with a minimum hire time of four hours. We also offer an ‘on-demand’ service for urgent, last-minute jobs. Please get in touch if you are looking for a custom solution for your transport needs.

The basic ranges below are only a beginning. Capacities, booms, tools, and control systems can all be combined for broad flexibility or a high degree of specialization. Together we define your needs and configure the HIAB crane to match them – in every detail.

Firstly let us determine what a mobile crane is and what the benefits of adding this machinery to your fleet are. If you are making an investment in machinery, it is good to know how it will contribute to your business.

A crane of this nature consists of a telescopic boom that is mounted onto a platform like seen with truck-mounted cranes. More complex full-sized cranes are also available. The crane is designed to lift heavy items. The benefit of owning one of these cranes is that it offers easy access to hard-to-reach areas and equipment. The crane is operated by a trained professional who may work in a team to complete the loading tasks.