HIAB crane is a crane-mounted vehicle that combines the best functions of a hydraulic loading crane and a flatbed lorry. The crane is mounted to the chassis of the truck and is great for self-loading and offloading.

A HIAB crane is a crane mounted truck that allows you to load and unload items fast without needing additional equipment. The HIAB crane offers flexibility – featuring various lifting capacities, booms, tools and other controls.

Crane trucks, which are sometimes called Hiab trucks (because Hiab manufacture the most popular brand of crane truck), are fairly easy to find in cities and hire on an hourly, fixed, distance, or tonnage rate. We’ve explored all the different types of hire below, and average national rates for each of the contract types, so you can plan your project.

Crane trucks are most frequently used to lift-and-load materials onto a truck and transport them across cities. Crane trucks are really common to lift and transport sea containers, site sheds, storage units, pallets, supply & consumables, motors, cable rolls, large parts & engines and some of the bigger crane trucks 

Fixed rate options are really common amongst owner / operators with one crane truck as these are guys who usually spend their whole day driving from lift to lift across big cities. They standardize their rates and charge flat fees if the job is within the normal tonnage range of their machine (and there are no real surprises when it comes to materials being lifted) and is within a reasonable driving distance of their depot. This charging model also helps them with paperwork and a simplicity of invoicing their customers. Anything outside of the normal lift and shift jobs they do all day long will typically be charged at and hourly rate and an extra charge for travel.

We hire our Hiab units for either one off, daily or contract hire to ensure that no matter how long you need it for, we can help.
As it will often take an experienced hand to get your goods on and off the truck, our operators are very qualified to ensure no damage to either the truck or your goods.

No job is too big or too small – from a back yard lift to a construction site lift