Quality service and committed employees. How do we do it?

TSS Carriers offers a comprehensive range of superior lifting solutions made to suit all types of industrial applications. Our experts can meet all of your cranes and material handling requirements, from concept development, fabrication, installation, and much more.TSS Carriers is one of the best Hiab Trucks in Sydney. Quality service and repairs is a big part of our business. We  will ensure that your equipment is always working efficiently, safely, and complies with Australian Standards and Legislations. The team at TSS Carriers is highly motivated and dedicated when it comes to transport. We aim in providing the best possible Hiab Trucks service with our fleet, specializing in crane truck services, and  sea, and air freight. The founding director of TSS Carriers envisioned a company that provided services that are reliable, efficient and professional. The goal was to look beyond providing transport. We endeavor to exceed all expectations to ensure that our customers achieve sustainable long term growth and profitability. We seek to understand a customer’s needs in order to provide the best possible services, hassle-free, efficiently and cost-effective. Our TSS Carriers will save you money and time while being proficient and professional with your logistics.


We aim in providing the best possible service with our fleet

Dedicated Contract Services

Dedicated Contract Services fleet provides our customers with all the advantages of a private fleet without the liability and investment.

General and Specialised Transport

Our world-class, end-to-end supply chain solutions take the load off our clients, whether they are moving general or abnormal cargo

A Quick, Fair and Honest Transport System

We endeavor to continuously invest in our fleet to ensure our team and customers are provided with the best vehicles, equipment, and technologies.

We are a company of opportunity, aiming to maintain the best services by providing equity and equality. We strive to do this by investing in people of all ages so that they are able to gain the experience, expand their skills, develop a career that is key to our long term success.

TSS Carriers is greatly dedicated to providing our customer base with the optimum transport solution system to benefit their business.

We seek to ensure customer satisfaction from our range of transport services. Whether it consists of unloading construction goods, movement of tower cranes, timber, show goods or containers, our transport system will provide flexibility, efficiency in a safe and timely manner.




“We provide a simple transport solution system that is extremely flexible, cost-effective and on time!”

—TSS Carriers