In the bustling construction scene of Sydney, transporting heavy building materials requires the right tools. Two names that frequently pop up are crane trucks and Hiab trucks. But are they different, and if so, which one suits your project? Let’s break it down.

Crane Trucks: The Powerhouse

Imagine a massive truck with a telescoping crane arm reaching high into the sky. That’s a crane truck! These beasts boast exceptional lifting capacities, ideal for heavy machinery, prefabricated structures, or anything that requires a serious muscle. Their reach allows for precise placement over long distances, making them perfect for high-rise constructions.

Hiab Trucks: The Agile All-rounder

Hiab trucks are a type of crane truck in sydney, but with a twist. Often referred to by the brand name Hiab, these trucks feature a hydraulically operated crane typically mounted behind the cab. They offer a good balance between lifting capacity and maneuverability. Their compact size allows them to navigate tight spaces on construction sites or busy city streets.

When to Choose Which?

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Heavy lifting and long reach: Go for a crane truck.
  • Moderate lifting needs and tight spaces: Hiab trucks are your answer.

TSS Carriers: Your Trusted Hiab Truck Partner in Sydney

Looking for a reliable Hiab truck hire service in Sydney? Look no further than TSS Carriers! We offer a diverse fleet of Hiab trucks to cater to your specific project needs. Our experienced team will ensure a smooth and efficient operation, keeping your construction project on track.

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